In a dark and red room, a corner of a particular forgotten history can be found: a span of historical events stretching from the first gene-edited human babies in China in 2018 and a global pandemic in 2020, until the birth of Genetic Salon a thousand years later. This history celebrates human genetic engineering as the core of the interpretation of the history through a display of video works, text and archival objects. However, it appears that shortly afterwards the Genetic Salon closed down and this historical narrative was forgotten. The exhibits in this room are dusty, and some of them become fragmented. The projector mostly reflects a red screen, does the projector get broken?

Solo Exhibition: Skylight Gallery, KHiO, Oslo.
Photos taken by KUNSTDOK Istvan Virag

Video and Text Installation A spotlight, Projector, Sound Speaker, 8 pieces of flashlights, Labels, Hand Sculpture made with Resin, Wigs, Badge of Genetic Salon, Soils