Yu Shuk Pui Bobby(余淑培)is a visual artist who was born in Hong Kong and is now living in Oslo. Her conceptual artworks, sculptures, and performances create scenarios that break audience passivity by borrowing/hiring others’ bodies, their utterance or skills. She often transforms roles / identities / appearance in her daily life. Her works act as simple games, ‘dragging’ complicated interpersonal relationships. Her interest in the female body and gender politics has recently led to research into scientific fortune telling using big data, and the idea that genetic engineering offers possibilities to determine the future—and the risks these subjects hold.

Bobby received a BA from Hong Kong Baptist University. She is currently studying MFA at Oslo National Academy of Fine Art (2021). She has exhibited her works at Listhus Gallery (Iceland); A Place Gallery & Studios (Florida); Youkobo Art Space Gallery (Tokyo); Swatch Art Peach Hotel (Shanghai); Parasite,100ft. Gallery, starprojects, 1a Space, Tomorrow Maybe Gallery (Hong Kong). Bobby has completed residencies at 3331 Art Chiyoda (Tokyo), 435 Art Studio (Taiwan), Listhus Space (Iceland), and Athena Standard Residency (Athens).

Khio, Oslo Norway