Yu Shuk Pui Bobby
is a Hong Kong visual artist who now based in Oslo. Her practice is focused on body culture in different contexts through the filter of her own experience. In recent years she has been examining the topic of human genetic engineering, looking at how this technology shapes our cognition and understanding of the body. Through the media of performance, text, installation, sculpture , and video, she aims to create scenarios that engage, and eventually, the audience become participants in her work.

Bobby received a BA from Hong Kong Baptist University. She is currently graduating MFA at Oslo National Academy of Fine Art (2021). She has exhibited her works at Listhus Gallery (Iceland); A Place Gallery & Studios (Florida); Youkobo Art Space Gallery (Tokyo); Swatch Art Peach Hotel (Shanghai); Parasite,100ft. Gallery, starprojects, 1a Space, Tomorrow Maybe Gallery (Hong Kong). Bobby has completed residencies at 3331 Art Chiyoda (Tokyo), 435 Art Studio (Taiwan), Listhus Space (Iceland), and Athena Standard Residency (Athens).


2019-2021     Oslo National Academy of the Arts / MFA Fine Arts
2015-2018     Hong Kong Baptist University / BA Visual Arts
2012-2015     Hong Kong Design Institute / HD Visual Art and Culture


2021          Kunstnernes Hus, Fondet for Kunst og Designstudenter (FKDS) - Studio Grant / Norway
                  Arts Council Norway (Kulturrådet) - Diverse Stipend for newly graduated artists / Norway
2020          Viken Filmsenter - Ung-filmstipend / Oslo
                  King’s College London - Longlist of the Ivan Juritz Prize
2018          Hong Kong Art Development Council - Cultural Exchange Fund
2017          AVA HKBU and The Art of CUHK - Honourable Mention of Vitamin D Award / Hong Kong
2016          Hong Kong Art Development Council - Cultural Exchange Fund
2014          Golden Sugarcane Film Festival - Best Actress / Taiwan
2013          Art Experience Gallery - 1st First Smash Art Project / Hong Kong


K4 Gallery - Genetic Salon Red Room / Oslo
Post-Human Narratives c: Kobe Ko Wing Lam - Genetic Salon Waiting Room (video interaction) /Online
Skylight KHiO - Genetic Salon PART I (solo exhibition) / Oslo

Akademironmmet (w/ Montserrat Llampallas) c: Jasper Siverts & Emilia Sølvsten - Unstable Monuments (installation) / Oslo
Skylight KHiO - Genetic Salon Skylight 2019 (solo exhibition) / Oslo
Hong Kong Community Radio HKCR - A series of Genetic Salon DJ Conferences (multimedia performance) / Hong Kong

100ft. Gallery (w/ Hui Serene Sze Lok)- Dimension Convertor - Artifical Waterfall (installation) / Hong Kong

Mjólkurbúðin - Marriage-Seeking 2016 (performance) / Akureyri
Deiglan - Examination (performance) / Akureyri
Deiglan - POWER DUMPLINGS (performane) / Akureyri

Art Fix Gallery - CV by Vagina / London
EC Gallery (w/ Sunday Lai) c: Jeff Leung -  Half Day with Cloud (video installation)/ Hong Kong

100ft. Gallery - The Woman (performance) / Hong Kong


Cattle Depot Artist Village - Post Human Narratives - Common Ground (c: Kobe Ko Wing Lam) - Genetic Salon (Installation) / Hong Kong
BOA - Billedkunstnerne i Oslo og Akershus
- Struktura Time (c: Lesia Vasylchenko) - Genetic Salon (Installation) / Oslo
- Universal Wilderness (c: Zai Xu) - Genetic Salon Waiting Room (Installation) / Prague
Kunstnernus Hus - The Great Indoors (c: Pedro Gómez-Egaña) / Oslo

Galleri Seilduken KHiO - SOLASTALGIC / Oslo
Galleri Seilduken KHiO - Work the Muscle / Oslo        
IESA Gallery - Willful Blindness (c: Yannie Hung & Anna Lataillade) - Wilfully Blindness (video) / Paris
Akademirommet - Hinne - Vase Piece (video) / Oslo
Galleri Seilduken KHiO - Wilfully Blindness Painting Exhibition / Oslo

Liu Art Museum - Strangers (c: Weitzu) / Taichung Taiwan
Kulturmejeriet - Fragile: the 2nd Röbäck Biennale (c: Audrius Pocius) / Umeå
Tomorrow Maybe Gallery - Yummy Gummy (c: Wong Ka Ying) / Hong Kong
Form Society & Hong Kong Artist Union - Drum & Voice Out! (c: Wong Ka Ying) / Hong Kong

Koo Ming Kwan Gallery HKBU - Bad Grade Exhibition / Hong Kong

Power Station of Art & Swatch Art Peach Hotel - LIGHT UP Therapy Resort (c: Tiffany Fung & Lu Siqiao) / Shanghai
Koo Ming Kwan Gallery HKBU - Plane Stories / Hong Kong
1a Space - Plentiful Pluralities / Hong Kong
Para-site - In Search of Miss Ruthless (c: Hera Chan & David Xu Borgonjon) -  / Hong Kong
Kai Tak Campus HKBU - AVA BA Graduation Exhibition / Hong Kong

Listhús Gallery - Group Exhibition / Ólafsfjördur Iceland
A Place Gallery & Studio - AGENCIES: embodiment / Florida
University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College Art Gallery - Dada Lives! / Ohio  
Youkobo Art Space Gallery - Feminist Fan in Japan and Friends / Tokyo

starproject - Perpetual Production & Consumption (c: Cecilia Lee) - You’re so SMALL, so CHINESE (sculpture) / Hong Kong
Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre - Book in Times: Book Art Exhibition / Hong Kong

Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity - Macy is Homed (c: Ho Yuen) / Hong Kong
Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre - Outside Reading: Book Art Exhibition / Hong Kong
Hong Kong Design Institute - New Voices Talent Show / Hong Kong

Art Experience Gallery - 1st First Smash (c: Aries Chan) / Hong Kong
Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre - Eggwich / Hong Kong


2019          ROM for Art and Architecture - Performance Art Oslo Festival / Hong Kong
2017          Connecting Space - Accidental Tourist Guide - Officealley (installation) / Hong Kong
2016          Hong Kong Art Gallery Association - The Gallery Walk - The Stretcher (performance) / Hong Kong
                 Listasumar - A! Performance Art Festival / Akureyri
                 RóT Project / Akureyri
                 Listasumar - Summer Art Festival / Akureyri
2015          Chorm Art - Tribe 15 Art Festival (c: Bea Kozlowska & Kris Cieslak) / London
                 7th Passion of Freedom / London
2012          7th YMCArts Wonder Land Festival / Hong Kong


2021         PRAKSIS - Perfection/Speculation / Oslo
                 USF Bergen Artist in Residence / Bergen
2019         Lakkos Artists Residency / Crete
                 Athena Standards Residency / Athens
2016         Listhús Space / Ólafsfjördur
                 3331 Art Chiyoda / Tokyo
2014         435 Art Studio / Taipei


2013          DOING - Independent Publishing / Hong Kong
2012          YOUTH - YMCAarts / Hong Kong