Live Performance, 25min. 21sec

《 砥柱2017》
baffle 2017

2600cm x 2400cm
10 football players, 1 coach, a film crew, gaffer tapes, football, whistle, etc

Outdoor Basketball court (Located at the Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU)

26th May 2017

“baffle 2017” is large live performance that have numbers of people involved the project, including ten young football players and a coach. I gave a remuneration to 10 footballers and a coach to ask them to play a fake football game, which holds in the basketball court(2600cm to 1400cm) at the Academy of Visual Arts on 26th May, same day as the opening of BA Graduation Show. “Play a fake football game” means the organizer or contestant through the violation of the rules and the spirit of sports, manipulate the result on the competition, to deceive others who involved in the activities and the audiences. I also groups crew members to record my live performance, four cinematographers, two photographers, a soundman and an assistant of director.

By disrupting the relative relationship between the offense and defense, the aggressors and protectors, the situation becomes unclear and thus challenges the audience to question the concept of two separate and distinct sides engaged in competition.

Photos taken by Tung Tung Tung

Photos take by Vincent IP


Director, Writer, Producer, : Bobby YU Shuk Pui
Production Managers: Fox YIP , CHAN Kei Man
Executive Directors: CHAN Pui Shan, CHENG Sei Hong

Cinematographers: NGAI Jan, MUI Lok Him, YIP Yuen Ching
Sound: CHAN Hin Chung
Sound Editing: CHAN Hin Chung
Editing: CHENG Chi Shing, YU Shuk Pui
Colourist: YEUNG Hugo

Performers: TSANG Kai Fung, GIN HO Yin, YIP Chun To, KO Yiu Ho, WONG Kin Wai, CHENG Chi Wai,CHOW Chun Him, YUNG Ka Wing, WONG Tin Chi, LAM Chun Hang, WONG Yik Tsun, YU Shuk Pui Bobby