You’re so SMALL, so CHINESE

Dimension Variable.



The artist explores the commodification and politicization of the human body by utilizing the size of her breasts to create silicone objects. These pieces were crafted in a silicone industry located in Dongguan, China. The choice of silicone as a material, an artificial substance, serves as a symbolic reference to the concept of counterfeiting.

The artwork's title, 'You're so SMALL, so Chinese,' originates from the artist's friend when they were together. By employing this title, the artist questions that if a nationality became an adjective, the recognised identity can be as deceptive as imagination.

Exhibition: Perpetual Production & Consumption, starproject, Hong Kong
Photos taken by Amy Suen

Exhibition: Feminist Fan in Japan and Friends, Youk0bo Art Space, Japan, 2016
Photos taken by Shinya Hirose