Online Exhibition at Post-Human Narratives Platform

基因髮廊 - 等候室
Genetic Salon - Waiting Room

Virtual Interactive Exhibition
Video. 4K, HD, colour, sound 5.1, 16:9


今次《基因髮廊 - 等候室》,由五位招待女郎各自在等候室的故事,帶領觀眾進入誘人的未來想像。在一間潔白明亮的空房,觀眾和她們一同等待,經驗時間變得更柔軟和緩慢,然而,不管等候時間有多長,未來依然是撲朔迷離及難以推測。



In the age of queer of embracing the fluidity of body, gender, and identity, as well as the era of big data when everything can be quantified, I proposed a sci-fi imagination: Genetic Salon. Maybe one day you can trim yourself completely in the way you prefer, you could become a more unique and more perfect being. This project will be presented in the form of exhibition, short film, and a virtual company to construct a non-existential land—a provocation, a place far upon the sky, a promise too seducing, and a pressing warning. Genetic Salon - Waiting Room, a short video piece as part of the online exhibition. The video encompasses five stories of the receptionists in various waiting rooms, leading the audience into a seducing imagination of the future. In the bright and empty white room, the audience experiences how time becomes softer, slower by awaiting along with the receptionists. However, no matter how long the waiting time is going to be, the future is still confusing and difficult to predict.

In the Genetic Salon - Waiting Room, it presents a web-based interactive exhibition, allowing the audience to select randomly and watch various video clips. The uncertain playability echoes the worldview of the Genetic Salon. In a mysterious technological world, people’s lives are full of uncertainty, while the power to be able to “randomly switch options'' makes us willing to wait at all costs.

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Writer, Director & Post-Production: Yu Shuk Pui Bobby
Assistant of Director: Leung Fish
Producer: Yu Shuk Pui Bobby
Production Manager: Christy Tse Hei Long
Director of Photography: Ming Wong
Camera Assistant: Jimmy Kwan
Gaffer: Max Lai
Soundman: Sam Chan
Still Photographer: Man Chan
Make-up Artist: Sakura.c_official
Hair Designer: Daniel Cheng
Wardrobe Support: Saya Za
Programming Team of Online Exhibition at Post-Huamn Narratives: Erina Sl, Thomas Ng & Side Gig Laboratory

Cast :
Yu Shuk Pui Bobby, Kobe Ko Wing Lam, Hou Lam Tsui, Florence Lam, Kei Suet Ice Wong