Genetic Salon: Top Bet

今次短片講述了基因髮廊的一位顧客是香港醫學博物館的揮之不去的鬼魂。 1910年,她是香港醫學博物館前身香港病理實驗室的一名醫生。在參觀基因髮廊期間,她試圖抓住基因髮廊中使用的基因編輯技術來製造疫苗對抗 20 世紀初在香港的鼠疫。 髮廊的一位接待女郎抓住了她。 後來,她們在基因髮廊的地下室玩撲克,開始談論在不同處境使用人類基因工程的道德性。

The film follows one of the customers in the Genetic Salon as the lingering ghost from the Museum of Medical Science in Hong Kong. She was a doctor from the Hong Kong Pathological Laboratory, the predecessor of the Museum of Medical Science in Hong Kong, in 1910. During her visit to Genetic Salon, she tries to seize the gene-editing technology used in Genetic Salon to create a vaccine against the plague of the 20th century. One of the receptionists in the salon caught her. Later, they start to have a conversation about the morality of using human genetic engineering in different aspects while playing poker in the basement of the Genetic Salon.

Film. 4K, colour, sound 5.1, 16:9, 5 min. 4 sec
Cast: Christy Poinsettia Ma, Bobby Shuk Pui Yu 
Director and Writer: Bobby Shuk Pui Yu
Director of photography: Vincent Ip
Assistant of Lighting: Rickard Aall
Sound Recordist: Liew Ceng Teng
Art Production: Chris Lee
Wardrobe: Avenue, Chris Lee
Make-up Artist: MiM Lai Ching Ting
Post-Production: Vincent Ip, Christy Poinsettia Ma
Research and Project Assistant: Yu Jan Jiu
Location: Loftet of Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo Norway

Artwork supported by Para-sire, Hong Kong and International Support, Office for Contemporary Art Norway(OCA)