Multi-channel video Installation

Genetic Salon - The Remains of Genetic Salon

Dimensions Variable
Projector, LCD Screens, Sand, Digital printed on paper, 1945s Afterposten newspapers, a Barber Chair and a Costume that have used for the film shoot


The project will take the form of an on-site total installation at the PODIUM in Oslo, consisting of text and sculpture that will form the framework for the video piece: “The Remains of Genetic Salon.” The exhibition presents a speculative framework for an alternative historical timeline, set in a future where corporate genetic engineering on the human body dominates everything and radically shapes the ideals about the body, both in perception and physically.

The which Remains and the New
“The Remains of Genetic Salon”, will be the latest offering from the ongoing research-based project: “Genetic Salon.” For the first time, each of the separate elements that have been developed over the past years, all previously shown individually in different constellations, both by themselves and in the context of other artistic practises, will now finally come together in this total installation that will include text, installation, sculpture, 3D-animation and video.

The scenography of the Genetic Salon for the exhibition, was physically recreated as it appears in the video. The space was turned into a white and bright beauty salon for the film. After the principal filming has concluded, some of the scenography and props remain, becoming part of the installation.

Exhibition: The Remains of Genetic Salon, Podium OSLO, Oslo Norway.
Photos taken by Øystein Thorvaldsen, Tor Simen Ulstein

Exhibition: The Remains of Genetic Salon, Podium OSLO, Oslo Norway.
Photos taken by Øystein Thorvaldsen, Tor Simen Ulstein

Film, 4K, Colour, Sound 5:1, 1.66:1

The project invited three Hong Kong artists Liv Tsim, Mel Chan and Serene Hui Sze Lok who focus their individual practices of an imagination of the human future, to be the cast of the project “The Remains of Genetic Salon”. Monologues for the film are developed by togetherness except Mel Chan’s monologue.

Receptionists: Bobby Shuk Pui Yu, Serene Hui Sze Lok, Liv Tsim, Mel Chan
Gambler: Helene Bergsholm
Customers: Jenni Friis Bjørgli, Jinbin Chen TianYi, Florent Chronie-De Maria, Åsmund Skuterud

Producer, Director and Writer: Bobby Shuk Pui Yu
First Assistant of Director: Ka Ki Wong
Director of photography: Rickard Aall
Camera Assistant: Johanna Nystöm
Gaffer: Adrian Maurud
Sounds Recordist: Liew Ceng Teng

Art production: Reem Hassan, Chris Lee, Marion Fransrud
Wardrobe: Avenue, Chris Lee
Stylists: Jenni Friis Bjørgli, Chris Lee
Make-up artist: Gloop/ Elise Ommundsen Granli, Matilde Midttveit
Hair Stylist: Katarina Ljosdal

Production Manager: Magnus Holmen
Production Assistants: Joanna Chia-yu Lin, Fanye Yuan, Leila Marina Centioni
Chef(Catering Service): Yuhe Fang
Drivers: Toma Transport, Rickard Aall
English Subtitle Translator: cy
Norwegian Monologue Translator: Ka Chun Lay
Still Photographer: Dev Dhunsi
Documentation photographer: Jacky Jaan Yuan Kuo
Editing: Bobby Yu Shuk Pui
Colorist: Rickard Aall
Sound designer: Wei Ting Zeng
Location Support: Podium Oslo; Tilt Oslo
Curator: Lesia Vasylchenko

Project support by Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (BKV), Kulturrådet - Norsk Kulturfond, Kulturrådet - Fone for lyd og bilde, Oslo Kommune, Hong Kong Arts Development Council (ADC).