In Search of Receptionists of the Genetic Salon

An unemployed gambler (played by Helene Bergsholm) quitting her addiction in a bar in Oslo Norway. The story  is about how she won and lost in countless games in the dancing machine. When she won the game, she accidentally entered the Genetic Salon - a beauty company that offers high-quality genetic modifications for their customers.

The story follows one receptionist working in a future genetic engineering salon: Genetic Salon. One of them is suspected of selling customers who suffered memory loss after using the genetic beauty services to black market butchers.

Film. 4K, HD, colour, sound 5.1, 16:9, 12 min. 24 sec

AltFF Alternative Film Festival (Ontario, 2022)
The Black Panther International Short Film Festival (India, 2022)
Crossings Komafest (Norway, 2022)

Award: Best Editing of AltFF Alternative Film Festival (Ontario, 2022)
Receptionists: Bobby Shuk Pui Yu, Serene Hui Sze Lok, Liv Tsim, Mel Chan
Gambler: Helene Bergsholm
Customers: Jenni Friis Bjørgli, Jinbin Chen TianYi, Florent Chronie-De Maria, Åsmund Skuterud

Producer, Director and Writer: Bobby Shuk Pui Yu
First Assistant of Director: Ka Ki Wong
Director of photography: Rickard Aall
Camera Assistant: Johanna Nystöm
Gaffer: Adrian Maurud
Sounds Recordist: Liew Ceng Teng

Art production: Reem Hassan, Chris Lee, Marion Fransrud
Wardrobe: Avenue, Chris Lee
Stylists: Jenni Friis Bjørgli, Chris Lee
Make-up artist: Gloop/ Elise Ommundsen Granli, Matilde Midttveit
Hair Stylist: Katarina Ljosdal

Production Manager: Magnus Holmen
Production Assistants: Joanna Chia-yu Lin, Fanye Yuan, Leila Marina Centioni
Chef(Catering Service): Yuhe Fang
Drivers: Toma Transport, Rickard Aall
English Subtitle Translator: cy
Norwegian Monologue Translator: Ka Chun Lay
Still Photographer: Dev Dhunsi
Documentation photographer: Jacky Jaan Yuan Kuo
Editing: Bobby Yu Shuk Pui
Colorist: Rickard Aall
Sound designer: Wei Ting Zeng
Location Support: Podium Oslo; Tilt Oslo
Curator: Lesia Vasylchenko

Project support by Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (BKV), Kulturrådet - Norsk Kulturfond, Kulturrådet - Fone for lyd og bilde, Oslo Kommune, Hong Kong Arts Development Council (ADC).