Seven Surnames Rice/Congee 《七姓稠》
Chow’s overnight rice, Wong’s fresh rice, Chan’s fresh rice, Ho’s fresh congee, Ip’s fresh rice, Fung’s overnight red rice, Li’s fresh red rice, a stainless steel lunch box, bad luck(bird poop), friendships
9th August, 2018
香港 Hong Kong

2018年8月8日晚上乃1a Space展覧開幕日,我和工作伙伴晚飯後就踱步至洋葵耬巴士站。我們經過一棵大樹,霎時感覺頭上有一些濕潤的東西,原來是雀屎。三人同行,卻只有我被擊中,我在想這會不會上天送上的提示,從小得悉中雀屎就是中大獎,不是中大獎就必定成有錢人。然而,當我瀏覽互聯網,卻出現載現不同的解釋,化解方法是向7戶不同姓氏人家要點稀飯加在一塊喝下,俗稱"七姓稠"。我馬上聯絡朋友們,成功翌日找上七位不同姓氏的朋友討點飯。

On the evening of August 8, 2018, the opening party of the 1a Space exhibition, my working partners and I went to the bus station at the Kwai Kui building after dinner. When we passed a big tree, I felt that there was something moist on my head. It was bird poop. Three people walked in a line but only I was hit. I was wondering if this would be a reminder to the God. I learned from a young age that the gar reflects the big prize, or good luck. However, when I browsed the Internet, there are different interpretation from Feng Shui. The solution is to add to the congee of 7 people who have different surnames, commonly known as "seven surnames congee." I immediately contacted my friends and succeeded in finding friends of seven different surnames to get some congee/rice.


On August 9, 2018, I eventually completed the collecting rice action by 20:40. Returned to the Kwai Hing studio, and enjoyed the rice with a can of Twice-cooked pork. It was delicious after heating. Served with one person.


Marked Map

Seven Surnames Rice 《七姓米》 
Oslo Norway 
31st October, 2019


Seeking 7 warm-hearted people to particpate in a cultural ceremony to provide a bowl of cooker rice, as part of a rite to reverse the world’s fortune. After collecting and combining all the rice, there will be a blessing ceremony for people who are suffering bad luck.

Blessing Ceremony
31st October, 2019 1500
Canteen Khio


Returned to the canteen at school, and enjoyed the rice with eleven side dishes which I prepared. Invited my classmates to have late lunch with me. Served with thirty people.

蕃茄炒蛋 Scrambled eggs with tomatoes
南乳齋菜 Braised Vegetables with Red Fermented Beancurd
豉汁煎椒 Pan-Seared Green Chili Pepper
清炒椰菜 Stir fry Cabbage
蘿白炒薯仔絲 Pan Fry Shredded Potato and Radish
辣豆瓣醬炒茄子Fried eggplant with spicy bean paste
甜酸三色椒 Sweet and Sour Color Peppers
涼拌紫菜 Seaweed Salad
鹽漬九層塔 Salted Thai Basil
韓式泡菜 Korean Kimchi
羅漢齌 Buddha’s Delight