《√C.albicans x Rosary》《√ 念珠2》

Adhesive, silicone hands, ointment, people counting sensor, 32inches TV monitor
Dimensions Variable




Imagine you encounter a situation that has been around for a long time, you use different methods to solve it, but it still comes back, eventually, you reach a state of collapse. Whether you are a virgin or not, as long as you are suffering, it will follow you for the rest of your life.

When I was suffering from Candida, there was a continuous itch and never a moment of quiet. The rosary is a subtle prop for meditation, it has a physical, metaphysical and psychological effect on its user. Since the beads are moved through the fingers, they allow the user to record how many times they have repeated the same thing. Through meditation, we can create distance to observe the 'eternal return', you may find that only through this practice can one break out of the 'eternal return' and enter back into our daily life. Returning to our daily life allows us to break out of the 'enternal return', whether you are a patient or not, whether it is candida or not.