You're so SMALL, so CHINESE. 「你的胸部真精緻,真中國。」
Dimensions Variable

藝術家透過以自身乳房的尺寸生產矽膠情趣用品把個體身體商品化。她的乳房不再是獨特的,它們失去個性,它們成為共有的平庸產品。矽膠作為人造合成物指向其仿制品的本質,它們只能是虛偽的,非真實的。就像表皮上印刷的“Made in New China”(新中國製造),我們如何辨識“中國”,如何鑑定“新中國”?當“中國”成為形容詞,國家身分其實是一種空想。

The artist commodified her own body by applying the size of her breasts to produce silicone sex toys. Her breasts have lost their character when they are no longer unique to herself. Anyone can own them. They become as banal as a product. The material silicone, as an artificial substance, suggested the nature of a counterfeit. They are certainly phony, inauthentic.

Like the inscribed text of “Made in New China”, what identifies China, and what signifies “New China”? When “China” became an adjective, the recognized identity can be as deceptive as imagination.

"Perpetual Production & Consumption"
20 November 2015 - 5 January 2016
Hong Kong
Photo Credit: Amy Suen

"Feminist Fan in Japan and Friends"
20 to 26 February 2016
Tokyo Japan
Photos credit: Shinya Hirose