Miss Perpetual: Form Piece《不朽小姐:申請表格》
Digital printed and magazine page with plastic holders, 23-inch LED screen

The core of Miss Perpetual: Form Piece consists of the TVB application documents for Miss Hong Kong over the last ten years. Their evolution reflects changes in the cultural ideals of Hong Kong femininity. These forms are bookended by future and past editions of Miss Hong Kong. A framed form shows Yu's application this year to participate in the 2017 pageant, and a video replays archival documentation of the 1985 girls went to television station for interview.

Her work often involves creating social situations that employ the bodies, voices, and skills of others. This project instead transforms her own social status through the manipulation of her public appearance. For her application photographs, Yu worked with Simon C, a noted Hong Kong fashion photographer, and celebrity makeup artist Angel Mok.

Cover-pages of Application froms of Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant

Exhibition "In Search of Miss Ruthless"
30 June to 10 September
Para-site, Hong Kong
Photo credit: C.Y. Lam Image Art Studio

yushukpui bobby © 2019


藝術家的作品多以動用身體丶聲音或其他人技能的社交情境為主軸。此項計劃則以改變她的公眾形象作手段,並轉化她現有的社會地位。與她一貫對名人文化的興趣相連,藝術家這次參賽的硬照特別邀請到著名時尚攝影師Simon C及名人化妝師Angel Mok參與。

Close-up of “Ladies went to interview”, RTHK programme: “識析相關 (20/07/1985): ”選美”

A Press Conference of "In Search of Miss Ruthless"
Spring Workshop, Hong Kong
2 July 2017 1900-2030
Photo credit: Lau Wai